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YURI by Steve Stred

YURI by Steve Stred

Publish date October 1st 2018

(from book description)

 As a bitter winter stretches on, Yuri decides to leave the family farm and seek employment in the City. Hired by the mysterious owner of the mines Mr. Petrov, Yuri is excited to move into the man's mansion. But not all is what it appears, and soon Yuri realizes not everyone is his friend.

Yuri is a harrowing tale of what ends people would go to for family and for fortune. Just remember the key to surviving; Don't eat the stew.


Steve Stred is on a roll. Just over two weeks ago he released the very  entertaining WAGON BUDDY, today he releases another novella, YURI.

YURI is a period piece. It is never quite stated where and when it is taking place, but from reading I would place it in Russia during the late 1800s or early 1900s. YURI is a tale of a young man dealing with loss. Winter has lasted over 2 years and the family farm is in ruins. Both his parents are gone and he is forced to head to the city to find work. Little does he know that the wonderful job he is offered will lead him down a dark and horrifying path. 

As with WAGON BUDDY, the author has written a very believable and fleshed out character. Yuri is the underdog, finally getting his break and making more money than he ever has, but at what cost. The sense of dread that the author creates as Yuri slowly learns more and more about his surrounding is almost palpable. Yuri is a good man, thrust into a situation beyond his control. You will root for him and also at times want to kick him in the ass. (you will see what I mean as you read the story, come on Yuri don't do that!)

The first half of the novella is all character driven, we learn about Yuri, his new boss Mr. Petrov and some other supporting characters, and about the house itself. It is in the 2nd half that all hell breaks loose. Dark secrets come to the service and oh my does the blood flow. The author does not hold back on the blood and gore, tho it is not just put in for shock value. Each scene of bloodshed has purpose to the story. It all accumulates in a brutal confrontation and shocking climax.

Yuri is a well written and very enjoyable novella. I recommend this novella highly and please make sure to check out Steve Stred"s other great books.

You can purchase YURI in print and Ebook on AMAZON.

You can learn more about STEVE STRED and is other works at his WEBSITE.

(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review)

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