Wednesday, June 24, 2020

ROCK 'N' ROLL HEAD CASE by Lee Widener

ROCK 'N' ROLL HEAD CASE by Lee Widener

Originally published in 2015 by Eraserhead Press

Revised & Updated Edition published May 14th 2020
by NeverEnding Wonder Books

(from the book description)

When embittered fast food worker Chaino Durante finds Alice Cooper's severed
head attached to his arm, wielding magical powers and dispensing the world's
worst life advice, he sets off on a freakishly bizarre road trip to stop a literal
monster from becoming the President of the United States, learning questionable
lessons along the way.

((Spoiler Free Review))

I have to admit that I have not read many books in the Bizarro genre. But when I read the book description, and saw the trippy cover, I was instantly hooked. I had to read it. If anything just to see how the author, Lee Widener would make it all fit together. Really he had me hooked at "Alice Cooper's severed head".

I will say right up front, I have never read anything quite like ROCK N ROLL HEAD CASE. This story has a little of everything. I when I say everything, I mean it. Not only do we get Alice Cooper's head, we also get giant eyeballs, monsters, pirates, giants, intense fight scenes, celebrity cameos and a surprisingly familiar political party. Lee does not hold anything back and you really do not know what will appear on the next page. I don't think Lee could have crammed anymore crazy into this 80 page novella.

Even with all it's wild trappings, ROCK N ROLL HEADCASE still has an underlying story that drives the craziness along. Chaino is a man with no positive outlook in his life, boring life, crappy job, and his encounter with Alice Cooper's head changes his life forever. It might not be for the best at first. To me this is a tale of discovery. Chaino is the reluctant anti-hero who sets off on a true herculean task. Find himself and at the same time stop a monster.

That monster brings us to another aspect of this story. This was originally written in 2015 (I have not read the original, so I am not sure which material was revised for this edition), which would have been right around the time a certain orange haired someone was gearing up for his run at the presidency. I have always made it a rule to not talk politics in a review, but we can all see which monster he is talking about.

Chaino is a great character, but the star of this tale has got to be Alice Cooper's head. Why is he just a head?? We don't know! But he is part teacher, part Buddha and still manages to be the rock n roll monster he has always been. The peppering of song lyrics and references are little surprises along the way.

The author has created an epic acid trip roller coaster ride of a story that will mess with your mind, but also make you think.

In the immortal words of Alice Cooper's severed head
"Welcome to My Nightmare"

You can purchase ROCK n' ROLL HEAD CASE in ebook and print on AMAZON.

(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.)

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