Friday, January 26, 2018

LOST AND LONELY by Brian James Freeman

LOST AND LONELY by Brian James Freeman

Interior art by Glenn Chadbourne

Releasing Spring 2018 

Published by Cemetery Dance Publications

(from the book description)
This new collection by Brian James Freeman features characters who are haunted by horrors they think are out of their control, but perhaps the source of their greatest terrors is closer to home than they ever feared possible.

In “Losing Everything Defines You,” a bestselling author’s family mysteriously vanished three months ago, yet if they’re really missing, why is he hearing footsteps in the hallway outside his bedroom door every night?
Patty knows that everyone makes mistakes in life and when it comes to “Loving Roger,” she wants to fix the errors of her ways and make everything right again.

William Carver and his family fled the colonies to escape a monster stalking their community, but the western plains might not be the safe haven they had hoped for once they hear “How the Wind Lies.”

When Melissa was a little girl, her father told her that all children were like “Perfect Little Snowflakes,” each was different and unique in conception, but you never knew where they would land once they hit the ground.

And finally, a mother doesn’t remember when the coldness began to fester inside her and now she’s terrified for her baby as she suffers from “The Plague of Sadness.”

These five thought-provoking stories show why Stewart O’Nan has said Freeman’s writing has “great velocity and impact” and why Publishers Weekly has called his work “highly readable.”

Lost and Lonely is a new collection of short stories written by Brian James Freeman. Most are reprints from previous releases with one new story (Perfect Little Snowflakes) added to round off the book. This is the first time they have been collected together.

If you have read any of Brian's work you will know that he has the uncanny ability to bring about a feeling of dread, like someone is just waiting around the corner and you are afraid to take that last step and look. These stories just cement Brian's place as a master of the art. 

A short story can be a small but complex animal. Sometimes the size leaves the reader wanting more or too much can be crammed into the few pages to make a story that ends too abruptly and the narrative can just be lost.

That does not occur here. The author has crafted stories, that in only a few pages, leave the reader frightened, uneasy, maybe saddened and most importantly, satisfied.

There could not be a better title for this collection. Each story will touch a cord with the reader. For what do we all fear the most but the loss of what we hold dear and the ever crushing feeling that loneliness brings into our lives.

If you are a fan of Brian James Freeman's past works or a first time reader, this is one release you will not want to pass up.

LOST AND LONELY can be pre-ordered from Cemetery Dance Publications.

To learn more about Brian James Freeman and his work, visit his website HERE.

                                                                                                                           Jim Coniglio

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