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Edited by Brandy Yassa

Publish date September 21st 2018 (ebook)
(Print coming at later date.)

Published by KJK Publishing
(from the book description)

Some people love Christmas for religious reasons, others prefer it for the food, drink and parties, but for some other people, it’s just another time of year to get up to mischief. This anthology is filled with tales of not-so-happy Christmases, tales that they don’t want to tell you about in the movies or songs.

It’s time to break out your new Christmas slippers, rip open a box of chocolates and pour yourself a drink. Lock your doors and get comfy. You’re in for one helluva ride.

Merry Christmas from all of us!
 Yes, Yes. I know that it is not even Halloween yet and I'm reading a Christmas themed anthology. If you really think about it, Santa is one of the first truly frightening figures we are confronted with as  children. How many kids have sat screaming on that jolly man's lap as a parent tries to distract them for that o-so-perfect Santa picture for the holidays.

This collection contains 22 stories of Christmas terror. A majority of the stories give us varying views of Santa, which are expected, but none of them disappoint. We see Santa as a demon, an alien, a beast and everything in between. The other stories revolve around the season itself. There is something for everyone here.

Lets take a quick look at what's inside.

Christmas Lunch by Amy Cross

Frau Perchta by Suzanne Fox

Duende by Christina Bergling

A Noel In Black by Matthew Brockmeyer

The Mall Santa by Christopher Motz

The Yuletide Butcher by Mike Duke

The Ghost of Christmas Party Past by C.S. Anderson

Twas The Night Before Christmas by Matt Hickman

The Kringle by Peter Oliver Wonder

Ho Ho Hollow by Mark Cassell

How The Witch Stole Yuletide by James Matthew Buyers

Sugar Vision by Sara Tantlinger

The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy by Steven Stacy

Something in the Stocking by P. Mattern

Black Eye Friday by J.C. Michael

Christmas In Hell by Kevin J. Kennedy

Santa Clause Comes At Night by Andrew Lennon

Catching Santa by Michael A. Arnzen

Christmas Curse by Weston Kincade

Weihnachtstag by Mark Fleming

Secret Santa by Veronica Smith

The Joys of Christmas by Lisa Morton

That is a lot of Holiday horror. There are a few stories that really stood out for me.

 Duende by Christina Bergling finally shows us how evil those Elf On The Shelf dolls really are.

 A Noel In Black by Matthew Brockmeyer is what happens when someone puts acid in your eggnog. This story takes you on a wild, trippy ride.

The Yuletide Butcher by Mike Duke is a crime thriller with a dark twist. I read this and right away had to tell Mike that he got me with this one. You will know what I mean when you read the story.

The Mall Santa by Christopher Motz and The Kringle by Peter Oliver Wonder are my favorites of the Santa-based stories. The Mall Santa is just in-your-face scary, while The Kringle takes place in the not so distant future and paints Santa in a whole new light.

All the included stories are great, and at $1.59 for the ebook, this will be this most economical Christmas gift you will ever buy.

So pull your blanket tight and get ready for the Holidays. After reading COLLECTED CHRISTMAS HORROR SHORTS VOL.II you will never look at Santa the same way again.


You can learn more about Kevin J Kennedy and all the great books from KJK Publishing by visiting HERE.

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