Friday, September 14, 2018

WAGON BUDDY by Steve Stred

WAGON BUDDY by Steve Stred

Publish date September 15th 2018

(from the book description)

What if your imaginary friend turned out to be real? And not a person at all?

Wagon Buddy tells the tale of a man and his creature, his only friend, who time and time again comes to his aide.
But what happens when you can’t control the creature anymore?

It's the weekend and the busy work week is over. Perfect time to pick up a book and relax. If you would like a novella that you can sit on the porch and read in a couple hours, then I have a good one for you.

WAGON BUDDY by Steve Stred is a 93 page novella that feels like a much bigger story. Steve has crafted a story that barrels along at break-neck speed. The tale follows Scott from childhood to adult life. Scott has a hard life, bullied as a child, unappreciated as an adult. But he has one thing that makes him feel better, his imaginary friend, his Wagon Buddy. The Wagon Buddy appears to Scott one day when he was young. A tale creature dressed in black with a mask covering his face. Through the years Scott's friend helps him with problems, but is he helping or plunging Scott into death and horror.

You should know going in that there is not much joy in this story. Scott is the target of some truly horrible bullies throughout his life. Fleeting happiness always gives way to despair. The only constant he has is his Wagon Buddy. The author builds the whole story just around these two characters. Scott is just a normal kid trying to make it through school and later adult life. He is a very believable character and your heart breaks for him as you read. The creature is handled perfectly. He is given the smallest of back story, never revealing his true name or nature. Just happy to be Scott's Wagon Buddy. The author does not hold back on the blood and gore, but does not saturate the story with it. 

If there is one complaint I have about WAGON BUDDY, is that it was over too soon. I wanted the story to continue. Hopefully Steve will revisit these characters again.

You can purchase WAGON BUDDY in print and Ebook on AMAZON

You can learn more about STEVE STRED and is other works at his WEBSITE.

(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review)

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