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COMMUNION by Steve Stred

COMMUNION by Steve Stred
(Father of Lies Book 2)

Published May 6th 2020

Published by Black Void Publishing

(from the book description)

One week after the horrific events at the commune unfolded, Detective McKay is left to pick up the pieces and try to connect the dots. 

But before he can determine who this Father character is or what his motivations were, a mysterious redheaded woman arrives at the station. 

With one quick act of violence, McKay is dragged into a world he’d never imagined possible. 

A world of heinous acts, strange events and a creature from his darkest nightmares. 

At the end of the day, McKay will need to find a way to survive, or become another sacrifice by Father in his quest to ascend to the Black Heaven’s.


Before we dive into COMMUNION, the new book from author Steve Stred, you must be made aware that this is Book 2 of the Father of Lies Trilogy.It is strongly recommended that you read Book 1 RITUAL before you start on COMMUNION. Be warned that Book 1 is a very intense read and does contain graphic and disturbing scenes that may offend more delicate readers.

So go ahead and read Book 1............I'll wait here for you......................................

Ok, your back and you have finished RITUAL.

What have we learned so far.


The Father...bad


Bum play...ouch,,very bad.

This will always be as spoiler free as possible.

COMMUNION continues the story 1 week after the events of RITUAL and centers around Det. McKay and his investigation into the mass deaths  at the cults compound. McKay is quickly dragged into the world of the mysterious Father and what he was trying to accomplish, and what horrible events await in the future. Can he survive and solve the mystery surrounding the cult or will he be just another pawn in a much larger and terrifying game.

The first thing you will notice when diving into COMMUNION is the difference in the writing style from Book 1. Were RITUAL was in your face horror gruesome acts, COMMUNION is more in the vain of a Police procedural. We follow McKay as he uncovers secrets and becomes entangled in the world of The Father and his plans for reaching the Black Heavens. The blood and gore are still here, but presented in a way that fits into his new narrative style. McKay is drawn deeper and deeper into this dark world and we as readers are dragged along, learning more and more back story on The Father, his past and his lofty ambitions.

The breakneck pace of the story is constant and races you along from page one until you hit the final word. Though this installment is not as raw and downright cringe inducing as Book 1, it still packs a wallop and at times will make you squirm in your seat. As always the author is a master at creating characters that we believe and can connect with and care about. McKay is your hard-boiled. ready for retirement cop thrust into something he has never dealt with before, and the inclusion of a strong fem-fatale character strengthens the overall crime-noir/police procedural feel.

This is a one sitting read. You will not want to put it down once you start.

Also extra kudos to the author for handling aspects of a Police investigation and just normal Police procedure correctly. Being a retired officer, it is always nice to see these events handled realistically and not the over-exaggerated way we see on tv and movies.

I highly recommend COMMUNION and it's predecessor RITUAL. It will be exciting to see were the author brings the story next and what awaits us as we follow The Father into the dark places.

COMMUNION can be purchased in ebook and print at AMAZON.

RITUAL is also available in both formats.

Make sure to visit the authors website HERE for news and info on his other great titles.

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