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Published March 20th 2018

(from the book description)
Has anyone ever told you how special you are? How great you could be at anything if you just put your mind to it? They were lying. There are people, Shadows, who really can do anything. They walk like gods among us, speaking with the dead and tearing their enemies apart with a simple thought. Some live unchained by death, and others live without the shroud covering what tomorrow brings. They’ve had the Mind Wreck. It’s when the chemical stew inside your brain begins to boil. All those soft spots start to turn red and bleed as a host of human potential claws its way into you, dragging you into the deep end of the world. Matthew Reed is drowning in the deep end. He’s been thrust into the games, The Shadow Games, where god-like beings vie for control and power, everyone out there is playing their own hand, and everyone has a seat at the table. He’ll have to learn to play quickly because being the son of a powerful Shadow has drawn a lot of attention. Let the games begin.

MIND WRECK - SHADOW GAMES is the 3rd novel released by J.Z. Foster since the beginning of the year. Yes you did read that right,,,since the beginning of this year. WITCH HUNTER was released in Jan, THE WICKED ONES (my review of which appears on this blog) was released in Feb and this novel was released in March. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two, but this 3rd outing is the best yet.

I have to admit that reading this book made my head hurt. Not in a negative way, but because the authors narrative is so descriptive that you feel part of the story. Coming across like a mix of Cronenberg's classic Scanners and Gaimen's American Gods (not bad material to be associated with), the story builds and builds into it's own incredible mythos. There are no wasted moments here. Characters are built up and well formed. The pacing is done to a tee, the action never stops or lulls. The ride begins with the first sentence of the Prologue and carries you to the final page.

Matthew Reed is just a everyman, suffering from migraines he cant control and dreams he does not understand. Enter his father, whom Matthew thought was dead, and his world suddenly becomes a roller-coaster ride he can never come back from. Since I hate spoilers, that's about as much story info I want to give. Just let me say you will not be disappointed by this story.

MIND WRECK - SHADOW GAMES is the opening salvo on what could be an epic series. And J.Z. Foster has set himself up to be a literary force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

MIND WRECK - SHADOW GAMES can be purchased on AMAZON.

For more about J.Z. FOSTER you can visit his website HERE.

                                                                                           Jim Coniglio

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