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THEY FEED by Jason Parent

THEY FEED by Jason Parent

Publish date : April 15th 2018

254 pages

Published by Sinister Grin Press

(From the book description)

The night uncovers all we wish not to see.

A troubled man enters a dusky park before sunset. A young woman follows, hidden in shadow. Both have returned to the park to take back something the past has stolen from them, to make right six long years of suffering, and to find justice or perhaps redemption—or maybe they'll settle for some old-fashioned revenge.

But something evil is alive and awake in those woods, creatures that care nothing for human motivations. They’re driven by their own insatiable need: a ravenous, bottomless hunger.

The campgrounds are full tonight, and the creatures are starving. Before the night is over, they will feed.

An unrelenting tale of terror from Jason Parent, acclaimed author of People of the Sun and What Hides Within.

The Great Outdoors.....camping, hiking, fishing and all the other outdoorsy things that people do. Me,,not so much. As a youth I loved camping, but as I aged my body decided it didn't like sleeping on the ground or having to start a fire to warm your body up and make some tea.

Well...about 2 chapters into THEY FEED by Jason Parent, I have decided to to never even think about going camping at the State Park ever again.

Jason Parent has given us a truly gruesome tale of tragedy, revenge and monsters that plays out like a extended episode of The Outer Limits. This story would also make a great evolution/continuation of the classic story The Raft from Creepshow 2.

Tyler has just been released from serving a six year sentence for a murder that was committed while hunting at the State Park. But Tyler knows there is more to the story and heads back to the park for answers. Little does he know that he has been followed by someone with their own agenda. As the evening progresses, Tyler will find himself fighting for his life with a small group of others. Can the rickety shack they have all found themselves in protect them from the monsters that are hunting them?

This is a great creature story from start to finish with a cool horror movie vibe. If you are a reader like me, you picture the story playing out in your head as you read. I could see the black leach-like monsters that Jason has created, as they roll and leap after their victims. Hear the screams of the doomed and feel the adrenaline of those trying to escape. The characters that populate the story are well developed and I found myself rooting for them. (Well, except for 3 of them your will have to encounter for yourself). And the ending twist caught me totally of guard.

It takes an truly accomplished author to really transport someone into their story, and Jason Parent has done that wonderfully with THEY FEED.

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To learn more about Jason Parent you can visit his website HERE

(Thanks to Sinister Grin Press and Hook Of A Book for the ARC)

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