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THE TRAGEDY MAN by Staci Layne Wilson

THE TRAGEDY MAN by Staci Layne Wilson

Publish date May 31st 2018

Published by Excessive Nuance

(from the book description)

When his boss was murdered, Cary Bouchard’s life began.

For years, timid Cary toiled away in a cold cubicle. He had dreams, but not the courage to pursue them. That is, until he lost his job and found his fortune in a most unexpected way.

Nothing could have prepared Cary for how his life changes: love, money, and fame come to him all too easily. Soon he’s on TV, signing autographs for legions of fans, in love with a beautiful woman, and buying a Manhattan penthouse. Cary’s newfound confidence and cachet elevates him higher and higher.

But what goes up, must come down. Someone is out for blood. When unspeakable horrors and death start to befall everyone around Cary, everything slips from his grasp. His girlfriend, his fame, and finally… his sanity. All gone. A broken man, Cary has nothing to lose as he faces complete oblivion head-on. He does everything he must do in order to uncover the truth about the murder that led to his great fortune. But even if he does, will anyone believe him? And can he even trust himself?
To start off I wanted to give everyone a little primer about the author, Staci Layne Wilson. She has hand her hands in just about every aspect of the entertainment industry. She has written, directed and produced several movies, hosted several interview shows (including one of my favorites Inside Horror), worked for the likes of Fangoria and Dread Central and has already written several books. The Tragedy Man is her first full length horror novel. (she also wrote City of Devils which is a collection of scary short stories).

It is very easy to give away a spoiler for the story, so I will attempt to skirt around as much main story plot to keep this spoiler free for new readers.

I have always enjoyed it when a writer tells a tale and the main character is a writer. Its makes you wonder how much of the author is in that character. Our main character Cary in a introvert. He works a job he hates for a boss he loathes, and spends the rest of his time at home in his small apartment with his only companion, his bird Tweetie, and his love of writing. He works on his novel, a ghost story, that he just can't seem to nail down. Its hard to write horror when that is a genre he hates and the thought of blood makes him squeamish. But when an opportunity comes along for him to be published, he starts down a road that will raise him up to the ranks of the best sellers, before events spiral out of control and his life descends into confusion, heart break and terror.

Staci Layne Wilson has crafted a fast-paced narrative that build as the story progresses. Her characters are well developed and some you will love, some hate and some get a small chuckle from (Steve Prince or Cleve Barkland, anyone). The story may revolve around one of the oldest tropes used in horror, but the author gives us enough twists and turns to keep it enjoyable.

Overall this is a great story that keeps you hooked from the first page until the shocking finale.

I believe we can now refer to Staci as the Queen of All Media.

You can purchase The Tragedy Man on AMAZON.

You can learn more bout Staci Layne Wilson and her many works at her WEBSITE.

 Jim Coniglio        

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