Friday, July 27, 2018

THE ZOMBIE WHO CRIED HUMAN by Brian James Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne


Story by Brian James Freeman

Pictures by Glenn Chadbourne


I received this in the mail today from Cemetery Dance and wanted to take a few minutes to talk about it. I know it is not my usual kind of book to review, but I read through this very quickly and just really enjoyed it.

Based on the old fable of "The boy who cried wolf", this retelling takes place in a world where Zombies are the norm and humans are either wild or kept as livestock. Yes, I know this doesn't really sound like a kids book, but it is. 

Brian's interpretation of the story will appeal to kids and adults alike. The family, consisting of Papa Zombie, Mama Zombie and Boy Zombie live on the outskirts of Romero Town and raise humans to be sold at market. One day when Papa and Mama Zombie shamble to another town, Boy Zombie is left to tend the herd with his trusty Zombie Dog Rex. As the classic fable plays out, Boy Zombie tricks the local town zombies by yelling "humans, humans are here". But what happens when wild humans really show up? Will Zombie Boy ever learn his lesson?

What really brings this story to life, or should I say undead life, is the amazing artwork of Glenn Chadbourne. Glenn has done art for many CD books in the past. The art tells a tale all its own. Each page will jump out at you with detail, always slightly askew, mixing the grays and whites of the Zombie family with more vibrant colors for clothing, scenery and the humans, of course. 

Here is a little sample

This book is stated as being the first book in the "Friendly Little Monsters" series. 

It will be interesting to see which fable Cemetery Dance takes on next.

This is definitely a fun book to read to your kids, and will bring the "kid" out of any adult who reads it.

THE ZOMBIE WHO CRIED HUMAN has been printed in three editions.

The softcover paperback can be purchased on AMAZON.

A trade hardcover and a signed/slipcased hardcover can be ordered HERE.

To learn more about CEMETERY DANCE PUBLICATIONS visit their WEBSITE.

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