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THE WRITHING SKIES by Betty Rocksteady

THE WRITHING SKIES by Betty Rocksteady

Publish date September 25th 2018

Published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing
(from the book description)

The sky is hungry!
 Glowing lights and figures in tattered robes force Sarah from her apartment. Outside, phosphorescent creatures infiltrate her every orifice. They want to know everything, especially the things she would rather forget.
Something happened while reading THE WRITING SKIES. I sat down with the intent of reading a few chapters before bed, but then suddenly it was 3am and I was on the last page. Where had the time gone, and why did I have this thought rolling around in my head, "What the hell did I just read?"

Now I mean that in the most positive of ways. It's raw, it's scary, it's very trippy and very, very gooey.

This is the first story I have read by author Betty Rocksteady and it makes me ask, "Where have you been all my life!". From the first page, the story is off and running. There is no build up, no fluff pages of intros and backgrounds, we start right into the action. The paranoid, manic thoughts of the main character Sarah. She is already on edge, something is happening that she cannot explain, everything is just wrong. The world around her has changed, mysterious figures surround her every move. And the sky... just don't look at the sky. What could be happening, and how can it tie in with her boyfriend Derek, and an event best left unsaid.

The tension, anxiety and overall unease increase  tenfold as the story progresses. Three characters traverse this strange world, each fully believable. No special powers, no feeling that they will save the day. All are equally lost in both the world and their own minds and slowly changing bodies. This is a horror story, but there are no jump scares here, no giant monsters chasing our heroine around. This is a story built on dread, and it is ever building. You feel on edge with every page turn. What Betty does give us is plenty of body horror. Parts not meant for the squeamish. There is blood, there is ooze and some things that are just downright hard to explain.

And to top everything off, Betty Rocksteady has included 20 original black and white illustrations throughout the book.

THE WRITHING SKIES has everything a horror reader wants. Unparalleled atmosphere, constantly building dread and unease, believable characters and an ending that will kick you in the teeth.

You can pre-order the book HERE.

To learn more about Betty Rocksteady please visit her website HERE.

And to learn about more titles available from the publisher, visit their website,
Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

(I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review)

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