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KOREAN ROAD by Brian Scutt

KOREAN ROAD by Brian Scutt

Published November 14th 2017

(from book description)

While facing the ghosts and horrors of the past, Dick comes to the realization that the frozen hell he survived generations before is a battleground he can never leave. Tortured by the ghost of a fallen Marine, he is faced with the truth, that it may be too late for not only himself but those he loves. Hell is cold, and Death stands at the end of his road, the Korean Road.

 There are so many different types of horror stories. Cosmic, giant monsters, ghosts, insects and many more that have popped up over the years. But sometimes, the worst horror of all is that which is right here in the real world.

Brian Scutt has written a compelling novella that will hit home with a lot of readers. This is a tale of a Veteran, a Korean War Veteran to be exact. He is battling ghosts from his time at war that have not diminished with his long time at home. Now as he nears the end of his life, he leaves the retirement home he was put into and prepares to face his ghosts head on and finally lay the war to rest.

This is a tale of war, of family, of tragedy and betrayal and in the end a sort of redemption. There is bloodshed along the way and the main character's decline through the story is heartbreaking to behold.

At its heart though, this is a tale of a man who never really came home from war, or could forget the horrors he saw there. Dick, like so many of our real world veterans, suffers from some form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that has wreaked havoc on himself and his family. At times Dick does not know what is real, is it ghosts from his past or just his own mind unable to cope with the memories of war. To me this can be scarier than any monster tale. This is something real that affects so many people and Brian Scutt has handled the topic perfectly. He does not go "over-the-top" making his character super crazy like in some movie portrayals. The main character is just a man, dealing with loss, heartache and the feeling of being lost in his own memories of a time that changed his life forever.

You do not want to miss this well-crafted story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and also make you think about what some of our Veterans must deal with in their lives.

I look forward to reading more of Brian Scutt's work and am excited for what he has to bring us in the future.

I have recommended this novella to a few of my friends who are Veterans and look forward to hearing their feedback on it.

PTSD is a very serious mental illness that affects thousands. Not only Veterans, but Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Nurses and others in highly stressful and dangerous jobs.  If you want to learn more about PTSD and its causes/symptoms please visit this helpful page HERE. If you are a Veteran or anyone else suffering please know there are lots of people out there that can help. A great site to visit for information is HERE.

You can order KOREAN ROAD in ebook and print on AMAZON.

To learn more about Brian Scutt and his works you can visit his PATREON page and is authors page on GOODREADS.

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