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Published February 22nd 2018

Published under the Fangoria Presents banner by Cinestate.

(from the book description)

Ted and Justin were once best friends, but over the years they’ve seen less and less of each other. Now, something’s wrong with Justin. He can’t sleep, he can’t think straight, and he certainly can’t explain why he keeps waking up naked and covered in blood. Ted might be the only person who can save him-- assuming he’s okay with shooting his childhood BFF with a silver bullet. But that’s what friends are for, right?

CARNIVOROUS LUNAR ACTIVITIES by Max Booth III is the 3rd book published under the Fangoria Presents banner and shows that Fangoria has an eye not only for the scares, but for the truly entertaining stories.

 Ted and Justin are 2 childhood friends who have grown apart over the years, but circumstances bring them together. Justin has a problem, and he needs to convince Ted that what he fears is real, before it is too late. An evening of friends catching up, loads of beer and one big-ass anchor will lead both friends down paths they never imagined they would travel.

It has been quite awhile since I picked up a horror book expecting frights and found those, but also loads of humor that will make the reader laugh out loud. The author has created a story that is very unique.  At its core this is a story of two friends getting reacquainted, even though not at the best of times, or terms. In some writers hands the premise of two friends talking for the majority of the book could go horribly wrong, but Max Booth has handled the conversation aspect of this story wonderfully. It is just pure enjoyment to read the interactions between the friends. They know each other, what buttons to push and stories from their past to tell. They could just be any of us on a weekend with our friends. The humor helps movie the story along and really it could have just kept reading about these to talking all night. It is that much fun.

But even with the humor, this is still a werewolf story and there is blood and gore by the buckets. When the action really starts the author does not hold back. The last few chapters will fly by in a flash of blood and fur. And even though you know what is coming as the story progresses, the author still manages to throw a few surprises in on the reader.

I also have to give Max props for using the city of Hammond IN as a back drop. I grew up spending my weekends in downtown Hammond and it is always fun seeing someplace you are familiar with appear in a story. It just gives you that much more of a connection to the story.

So pick up a six-pack and spend the weekend with CARNIVOROUS LUNAR ACTIVITIES.
(big-ass anchor optional)


To learn more about MAX BOOTH III and his works please visit his website

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