Friday, March 22, 2019

Guest Post: Wolfing Out by Glenn Rolfe

It has been a busy week here at One-Legged Reviews as we relished in the light of the Full Moon and celebrated Werewolf Week. 

Today we are joined by author and publisher Glenn Rolfe. I have been a big fan of Glenn's work for some time and he has contributed to our site in the past. I was very excited when he was able to closeout our week with his look at his love of werewolves.

Also I wanted to mention that THE BEAST OF BRENTON WOODS by Jackson R Thomas, one of my favorite books from last year, will be released in Audio Book format of April 16th from Tantor Audio and featuring the voice talent of Joe Hempel.

If you have not read it yet make sure to check out my past review and add it to your TBR list.

Now let's finish out our howling-good week and welcome Glenn Rolfe.


by Glenn Rolfe

My obsession with the werewolf actually began in the early 80s when I saw Michael Jackson’s video for THRILLER. Man, that opening scene scared the bejesus out of me! Like lots of things when I was between the ages of 5 and now, despite the fear, I kept going back for more. Yeah, back in the day, we didn’t own a VCR. We would go down to the Home Vision Video store and rent one of the Quasar VCRs that you loaded the tape into the top. I remember when Jackson released the “Making of Thriller” VHS. I got my dad to rent it for me again and again. Seeing how they applied Michael’s make up made it all less frightening, but I was amazed (and stilled scared whenever I watched that opening scene).

After that, my brother introduced me to SILVER BULLET. Still one of my favorites. Thinking of a kid stuck in a wheel chair and discovering who the town beast was? Man, that was powerful stuff for a kid. Then he faces him down?

When I decided to try my hand at writing, I noticed that there weren’t too many cool werewolf books. It was mostly zombies and vampires. I had an idea for one and I went for it! 

The result was BLOOD AND RAIN (Cemetery Dance Publications). First picked up by Samhain Publishing, BLOOD AND RAIN was a hit for me straight out the gate. When Samhain crumbled, well, it eventually (as in just last month) landed with Richard Chizmar’s Cemetery Dance Publications.  

In my story, we have a sheriff, Joe Fischer, that makes mistake after mistake trying to do what he thinks is right. He’s a flawed individual with a good heart and seemingly everyone’s best interests in mind. Unfortunately, he screws up as much as he gets it right. BUT does he save his town? You’ll have to read the book to find out.  

Last year, I started publishing a few titles for some friends. One of those books is another werewolf story, THE BEAST OF BRENTON WOODS, from Jackson R. Thomas. In that story, a teen named Ben Cutter has a strange connection to a local legend, The White Wolf. I did say “legend”, right? Or is it? When bodies start piling up, Ben feels closer to what’s happening than he should. A small town with many secrets is about to explode. 

I love werewolf stories. And if you do too, you should check out these other amazing titles:

 RAVENOUS by Ray Garton 

MONGRELS by Stephen Graham Jones 

WOLF LAND by Jonathan Janz

 THE HOWLING by Gary Brandner

 I’m really looking forward to the new Max Booth III novel, CARNIVOROUS LUNAR ACTIVITY. Started reading it last night!  

Some of my favorite flicks?  

 WOLF (w/Jack Nicholson) 

THE WOLF MAN (2010) 

Thanks to Jim and One Legged Reviews for having me. Arroooooo! 

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