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Published March 31st 2019

Published by Stitched Smile Publications
(from the book description)

We have made a grave error in vigilance, brothers. The dark comet has drawn near. The cultists have selected a vessel. He dreams of the hidden place, where the Gods Sleep, banished there by our Lord.

After centuries of inactivity, Korrobbathith and his followers are attempting, once more, to open the gate.

We must move with haste if we hope to stop them.

You know the consequences of failure. Korrobbothith and the other gods will walk this earth again, and I fear, this time, they will not remain in the shadows. None of us - man, woman, or child - will find refuge from their barbaric reign unless we submit and serve them.

God help us all if we are too late.
There are writers who can craft amazing stories, then there are those who invent entire worlds for their creations to live in. This act of creating a whole new mythos can be a very taxing feat. H.P Lovecraft is the perfect example of mythos building, more recently we can look at Brian Keene and Brain Fatah Steele. We now add Mike Duke to that list.

WHERE THE GODS SLEEP is a love letter to the world of Cosmic Horror. Mike Duke has given us a living, breathing world where the Old Gods walk among us once more.

The story is presented in a kind of "found footage" narrative. We are shown the events as they happened through eye witness accounts, police reports, video tapes and other means. I am not always a fan of this method, but here it is used correctly. Because he is building this world for the characters, the format helps convey the sense of growing dread and helplessness of the players involved.

If you have read the author's novel, LOW (if not you can read about it HERE), you will know that Mike can create some very real believable characters. Some you will like and others you will love to hate. The Old God Korrobbothith is the main character of this story. The humans around him are just a means to the end; to be used and thrown away.  The symbiotic relationship between Korrobbothith and Kenneth is truly tragic. We see the human host's decline, both physically and mentally as he is dragged along against his will. Seeing horrors committed by his own hand, as if watching the events unfold on TV. Having no control except for brief moments of lucidity.

There is also an impressive cast of supporting characters. Not all are fleshed out completely, but we know that they will be having more impact as the story progresses. We are dragged along on a world-tour of carnage and no-one is safe from the wrath of the Old God.

If you like your blood and guts, you will not be disappointed here. From human sacrifice to dismemberment, the author does not hold back on letting the blood flow and the limbs fly.

The book also includes some amazing artwork from Francois Vaillancourt, Brian Scutt and John Peevahouse. I'll share a couple here just so you can how gorgeous these art pages are. There are 9 art pages in the book including a double-page spread.

John Peevahouse

Brian Scutt

WHERE THE GODS SLEEP is the first in this new series from Mike Duke, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

You can purchase WHERE THE GODS SLEEP in ebook format on AMAZON.

Print edition is coming soon. Also keep an eye out for a special Limited Edition Hardcover via Kickstarter.

You can learn more about the published and the other great books they offer at

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