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ROTTEN LITTLE THINGS by Justin M. Woodward

ROTTEN LITTLE THINGS by Justin M. Woodward

Published April 12th 2019

Published by Simple Bicycle Publishing

(from the book description)


Monica has suffered from paranoid schizophrenia her entire life. For the most part, she manages her disease well--that is, until her family moves into an old house in the woods, and she starts seeing an imaginary entity from her childhood creeping around the property.


Things quickly become terrifying for Monica as her reality begins to blend with fiction, and something else entirely. . . some indescribable evil out in those woods.

I was a big fan of Justin Woodward's TAMER ANIMALS that came out last year. (you can read my review of that book HERE) It was a very well written and creepy coming-of-age story that featured a legendary creature named the Goatman. Myself and other readers really wanted to see more about that character. With ROTTEN LITTLE THINGS, we finally have more of a look at the elusive and deadly Goatman.

ROTTEN LITTLE THINGS is a prequel novella taking place 12 years before the events from TAMER ANIMALS.  You can read the new novella on its own without having to have read TAMER ANIMALS, but you will miss out on those "holy crap" moments that come to light in the new novella.

 The story introduces us to the Dresden family who have moved to a new home in a small town in Georgia. Monica, the wife/mother suffers from paranoid schizophrenia which she has dealt with for most of her life. They are hoping for a new start, but Monica starts seeing a creature that has haunted her since her youth, appearing in and around the new home. As her episodes get more violent and disturbing, how will she tell real from delusion? And are her visions a warning to what is coming for her next?

The author has managed to pack a lot into this fairly short novella. The tension builds from the first pages and we are pulled along as we watch poor Monica's sanity unravel. We are witness to a whole family in decline. Monica's husband and son are there as a support structure, but are helpless to stop what transpires. Justin's writing style is super-tight and you will never feel a lag in the story. It just barrels on to it's very horrifying conclusion.

Those who have read TAMER ANIMALS will notice references to places and people they are familiar with. Weather it be a creepy old covered bridge, a ragged house deep in the woods or one single name uttered on the last page.

Once again Justin M Woodward has given us an excellent story and left us wanting more. I cannot wait to see were the author, and the Goatman take us next.

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